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All-Inclusive Rates

For Your Simplified Workspace Solution at Zone 213

At Zone 213, we believe that your focus should be on driving your business forward, not on managing complex office expenses. That’s why we offer transparent and all-inclusive rates that encompass everything you need to thrive in your workspace. Our commitment to providing a hassle-free experience is reflected in our comprehensive pricing model, designed to simplify your business operations and elevate your productivity.

Our All-Inclusive Rates:

What's Included

Fully Furnished Office Suites

Enjoy the comfort of modern, ergonomic furniture in your own private enclosed office suite. From desks and chairs to storage solutions, we've got your workspace essentials covered.

State-of-the-Art IT Infrastructure

Stay connected and secure with our cutting-edge IT systems. Our digital access systems and CCTV surveillance ensure the safety of your data and operations.

Utilities and Maintenance

Say goodbye to unexpected utility bills. Our all-inclusive rates cover electricity, heating, air conditioning, and regular maintenance, so you can focus on what matters most.

High-Speed Internet:

Experience seamless connectivity with high-speed internet that supports your business activities, whether it's video conferencing, data sharing, or online collaboration.

On-Site Meeting Rooms

Access to rent hourly well-equipped meeting rooms is at your fingertips. Conduct productive discussions and impressive presentations with the latest audiovisual technology.

Video Conferencing and Interactive Screens

Collaborate effortlessly with teams around the world through our video conferencing facilities and interactive screens in meeting rooms.

Cleaning Services

Enjoy a clean and hygienic workspace with regular cleaning services included in your rate. A tidy environment enhances your well-being and productivity.

Flexible License Terms

Tailor your office solution to your needs with our flexible license terms. Whether you require a short-term project space or a long-term office, our options are designed to accommodate your business journey.

Prime Location

Benefit from our strategic location on the outskirts of Dublin city. Just 15 minutes from Dublin Airport and 5 minutes from the M50 Ring road, accessibility is at your doorstep.

Experience the Freedom of All-Inclusive Rates

Zone 213 is dedicated to providing you with a workspace that empowers your success. With our all-inclusive rates, you can work confidently, knowing that your workspace essentials are covered. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing multiple bills and say hello to a simplified workspace solution that allows you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

Join us at Zone 213 and discover a new way of working, where transparency, convenience, and productivity converge. Contact us today to explore our all-inclusive rates and take the first step towards an elevated workspace experience.